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We provide your business with a total solution, encompassing everything in a single package.


What we do

Explore a transformative IT journey with our services. We kick off with a collaborative meeting, analyzing your network (VLAN, routing, firewall) and systems (Web applications, AD, VMs). Understanding your needs, we provide tailored feedback and proposals, offering strategic solutions for seamless integration and elevated IT performance.

01. Firewall and Network Security

Network infrastructure

1tec’s network package helps identify and address security risks in your infrastructure, analyzing routing (OSPF, EIGRP, BGP), switching (VLAN, STP, ACL), and server protocols (LDAP, SMB, FTP, SIP). Our experts assess AD configurations and activated protocols, crafting a customized security schema for your network and critical servers.

02. Azure, Google, AWS Cloud server or Local Cloud

Cloud services

Navigate the evolving complexity of cloud services like SharePoint Online, MS Teams, OneDrive Enterprise, and Exchange Online with 1tec. We assess your Office 365 security, offering tailored recommendations applicable to Azure AD security components. Additionally, we provide customized cloud services servers, giving you the option for a dedicated server if preferred.

03. Website and Knowledge base software

Web application and DB

Trust 1tec experts to assess your web application for vulnerabilities and compromising configurations, ensuring robust security. We evaluate the database security level and analyze your hosting environment (Apache, MySQL, Nginx). Our IT professionals closely monitor hosting  permissions on both Linux and Windows platforms for comprehensive protection.

Digital Signage Video Wall Solution

Consulting and Solutions for Seamless Technological Evolution

At the forefront of our service is a commitment to comprehending the unique needs of your small business. Our process begins with a thorough analysis, allowing us to discern your specific requirements. Subsequently, we propose a comprehensive total solution that spans across various domains, including robust network security, cutting-edge web applications, efficient ERP and CRM systems, engaging digital signage, well-equipped conference rooms, streamlined document processes, and a meticulous monitoring system. Our dedication extends to ensuring that all hardware and software components function optimally. With this holistic approach, we strive to provide your business with a tailored solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, promoting efficiency, security, and seamless operation across all facets of your enterprise.

04. Monitoring uptime solution

System Monitoring

Experience comprehensive monitoring with our solutions, providing monthly, weekly, and daily reports. Set up personalized alerts for critical systems, including detailed data such as screenshots, uptime, and downtime. All network and system events are securely logged and stored in our dedicated logging program for thorough analysis.

05. Digital Signage and conference room

Digital Signage

Explore our comprehensive Digital Signage solution, compatible with Windows, WebOS, Tizen, and Android. Elevate visual experiences with videowalls and interactive kiosks. Enhance communication seamlessly with our integrated video conference room solution. Digital Signage FAQ

Digital Signage video wall comparison

06. ERP and CRM

Enterprise resource planning

Revolutionize your business with ERP solution—offering seamless integration and continuous updates. Track and manage essential business resources, from cash and raw materials to production capacity, along with monitoring commitments like orders, purchase orders, sales orders, and payroll.

Digital Signage FAQ

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