We offer consulting regarding your company’s network infrastructure and services.

Our team will install and configure a Voice over IP server and phones.

With our system monitoring solution, your company will allocate its resources efficiently.

Our experts will propose and securely install and configure a backup & recovery solution for your company.

Our philosophy

Secure and user-friendly

A fully secured solution is at the heart of 1tec philosophy. But we also believe that a good solution is a solution that can be easily used by our clients. This is why our team is constantly ensuring that during the conceptualization process, final solutions remain user-friendly.

A few things we’re great at

1tec identifies itself as a security company.
So we apply the security across all of our services and solutions !

Web development

Our team deploys high secure web applications using WordPress. All of our web designs are protected from cyber attacks such as SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting.


Using a troubleshooting mindset, we are able to resolve system and network problems. Our experts will find the root of the problem, apply a patch and give detailed recommendations.

Windows environment

Our IT experts will conceptualize and implement a network architecture for your company. Our fields of expertise are AD, Azure AD and ADFS.

IT professional

The secret of our success

Using an agile approach, 1tec is continually improving its services.


We make sure that all of our services are offered with a high-end quality.


Our team frequently communicate with our clients and exchange with them ideas.


At 1tec, we believe that our clients should always be satisfied which is why, in every step of a deployment, we ask for feedback.


Using a Scrum method, we develop efficiently a personalized solution for our clients. 

We are proud of our independent blogging team! They write about new technologies, tools and approaches regarding IT. They also offer guidance to network and system administrators.

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