Windows environment for your enterprise

1tec offers a Windows environment solution for small and medium enterprises. We will set an Active Directory infrastructure using Windows server 2016 so that our users can efficiently use a Windows network infrastructure with PCs. With the help of Single-Sign-On technology, our users can use only a unique password to have access to the email, file sharing and remote desktop environment.

Windows environment

Some of our features

1tec team will make sure that all Windows features are customized and configured up to your company’s expectations in IT needs.

Remote desktop

You will be able to have access to your work PC from anywhere using a configured remote desktop system. Your corporate data is securely at your reach from home.

EMAIL service

1tec will configure an Exchange Server that will allow your company to have corporate-owned email addresses.

Microsoft Office

We will set up your company’s Microsoft Office environment using Microsoft Volume Licensing.

File sharing

1tec will configure an SMB infrastructure that will allow users to have access to corporate data according to their security groups.

and support

1tec team will maintain your current or new Windows environment. We will make sure that all of your backups are done properly and we will support your users with any IT needs regarding their Windows environment. Our team will also maintain the technical logistics of the Windows infrastructure such as DC, IIS, DNS, DHCP, AD, and much more. 

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