Some of our web functionalities

1tec provides a multi-functional and secure website to its clients. All of our websites are modern and beautifully designed by our engineers. 1tec creates web platforms for sale online purposes alongside educational platforms. Our business online sales model includes displaying your products with features that allow your clients to order and purchase in both a fast and secure manner. Therefore, you can communicate with your customers using only the web!


We provide a payment module on our conceptualized websites.

Shopping cart

Our team will create a modern and well-designed shopping cart with items. 

Real-time Chat

We can implement secure a real-time support chat solution on our websites.

Distance learning

Using Zoom and Microsoft Teams API, our developers will design a web distance learning solution.

A fast website implementation

1tec is proud of its development team. Indeed, with the needed information, our web developments, designers and security engineers can conceptualize and implement a fully functional website for your organization in less than 72 hours!

1tec will also efficiently transfer your developed website in a hosting and domain environment.

Our security team will make sure that your website data is in the desired country, state or province because of data protection laws (Canada, Quebec, United States, United Kingdom, …).

A few things we’re experts of


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, our marketing and development team will make sure that your website can be easily found on Google search by your clients.


Our security team will implement several security tools and solutions in both the WordPress and hosting environment. The client to server connections will be encrypted using TLS/SSL certificate and key.


1tec is able to efficiently implement a website using WordPress. We can also adapt several WordPress templates for your organization. 


Once the website has been implemented, 1tec will support you on every step of updating information on your website using WordPress account.

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