An optimal enterprise phone solution

Our Voice over IP (VoIP) solution is meant to fulfill small and medium enterprises’ phone system needs.
1tec uses open-source tools such as Asterisk to provide its clients with support for digital phones as well as analog phones.
We secure the phone network communication with a client to server encryption.

Some of our VoIP features

We offer a various range of features with our VoIP solution. These features will be configured and customized to reach your company’s phone system needs.

Unlimited extensions

We offer unlimited extensions to your company. Therefore, there is no limit on how many phone extensions your company can have.

Customized IVR

We can customize an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) on your company’s phone system to make sure that your customers reach your company efficiently.

SMART call transfer

With our solution, your customers will be able to reach you with an intelligent call transfer when you are outside of the office.

RING group

Using the ring group technology, we are able to configure a simultaneous phone ringing on several extensions for support and marketing distribution of calls and requests.

Monitoring productivity

The VoIP system is able to estimate the wait time of a customer on the line. It can also store the start and end time of an agent call. Therefore, you will be able to audit the performance of your company as well as its productivity.
Agent calls can be configured to be recorded for training and quality assurance purposes.

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