Our packages

We offer three complet packages regarding the IT security consulting.

Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure

Our network package will allow your company to identify the security risks of the network infrastructure. 1tec will analyze several routing protocols (OSPF, EIGRP, BGP), switching configurations (VLAN, STP, ACL) and server protocols (LDAP, SMB, FTP, SIP). Our professionals will also evaluate your Active Directory configurations and activated protocols. A security schema will be conceptualized regarding the network and critical servers.

Web Applications

Web application and database

1tec experts will evaluate your web application potential vulnerabilities and compromising configurations. They will also determine the security level of the database used by your web application. Your hosting environment will also be analyzed (Apache, MariaDB, MySQL, IIS, Tomcat, Nginx). Finally, our IT professionals will closely observe the hosting directory permissions (Linux and Windows).

Cloud Security

Cloud services

Many cloud services such as SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive Enterprise and Exchange Online are getting more complex and sophisticated every day. The clouding world needs concrete security measures to decrease the risks of attacks and exploits. 1tec will analyze your actual Office 365 security environment and will give your company specific recommandations that can be applied directly into the security components of Azure Active Directory.

How do we proceed

Our experts will proceed with the security consulting using an Agile mindset. 1tec will ask customer feedback in every step of the process and will apply adjustments if needed .

Information gathering

Our IT professionals will deeply study your system configurations. They will gather any relevant information regarding the company use of technologies from the IT staff. Several advanced information gathering tools could be used during this step.

Full analysis

Once the 1tec team has all the information needed, they will proceed with a full analysis. The analysis will be based of actual, relevant and known vulnerabilities and categorized by the risk of exploit level and system criticality. Some proof of concept tools and tactics might be used by the team for further analysis.

Report document

Using the data gathered and the full analysis details, 1tec will provide a complet and easy to understand report document that will allow your organization to apply the security measures needed. Our representative will give to your IT staff any further explanation needed. 


Finally, once your company has read the report document, 1tec will provide a set of solutions that would help them to secure the environment. These solutions are offered based of the final result of the security report. If needed, 1tec will customize its solutions based of the reality of our client’s IT environment.

Why choose our packages

Up-to-date secure environment

In every step of the process, 1tec uses up-to-date methods and data. Which is why, after the consulting, your organization will have the means for securing the IT environment.

A PERSONALIZED and unique analysis 

1tec is proud of its analysis methods. Using an agile approach, we are able to provide a fully personalized, unique and customer approved analysis.

A reasonable price

1tec offer a reasonable security consulting price. Our prices are based of the complexity of your environment and the work that needs to be done. We can propose a price reduction for educational organizations.

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